Antique Bathroom Vanities

Clean and vibrant antique bathroom vanities comprise the widely-coveted essence of bathroom décor. White, bright, and fabulous, they catch your eye instantaneously, especially against a brightly-colored wall. Making the statement all the more compelling is a thoughtfully-selected bathroom mirror. It is regarded as one of the primary elements of a bathroom ensemble, merely by virtue of being capable to alter the look and feel of the entire bathroom; especially in the manner it tends to reflect both natural and artificial light.

48 inch Adelina Classic Old Fashioned Look Bathroom Vanity

48 inch Adelina Classic Old Fashioned Look Bathroom Vanity

The concept for an elegant antique mirror dates as far back as the bathroom vanity, itself. In royal chambers of the Victorian era, one could find exquisitely carved wooden frames encasing the lustrous and often large mirror that graced the luxurious wooden vanity cabinet; this model became the paragon for extravagant bathroom décor and thus is a treasured model for lovers of antique furniture.

Modern and antique bathroom vanities are no exception. An abundance of light is essential to attracting positive energy for the homeowner, not to mention adding more value to the home. Made originally from glass, mirrors have evolved considerably in their shapes and choice of material. Modern bathroom vanities designs draw upon trends that defy convention and espouse cutting-edge fixtures. A bathroom is not merely a fixture; rather, it is the face of your antique bathroom, which is considered the most important room in your home. It garners the most attention and scrutiny, and the mirror is naturally the first feature that catches your eye. You may opt to choose a mirror that is either enveloped by a delicately crafted frame or is entirely frame-less.

Since antique bathroom vanities mesh fabulously with any décor, so will the mirrors. Finding one surrounded by beautiful frame only amps the wow factor for you in the long run. Traditionally, a home designer might choose a mirror within a frame that matches the finish on your antique vanity cabinet.

Modern and antique bath vanities models exhibit similar classic design concepts, yet they sport a softer appearance. You can find the bath mirrors to be capped with a plethora of wood textures and tones. For a truly unique and spacious feel, you might opt for circular or square mirrors that immediately will bring an undeniable bit of oomph to your private sanctuary. For couples, a master bath completes with a fabulous set of matching his-and-hers mirrors will double the harmony and reflects comfort all throughout. Also, who can overlook their being available at high discounts?

Want more pizzazz? You can have mirrors with built-in lighting within the shower enclosures, as well as in and around the bathing area; this can create a “shaving oasis” on “his” side of the double vanity that holds “his” mirror. This will complement perfectly “her” mirror and toiletries.  A great antique bathroom vanities and mirror are a true symbiosis of beauty in home décor.