Antique Bathroom Vanities are the Answer to Your Decor

Less is more in certain circles. One could say, by the same token, that old is new. The latter is true, when it comes to home décor. Getting back to the roots of classic forms is really en vogue at the moment, and designers are pouncing on this jackpot of tends. You deserve to enjoy yourself every step of the way, no matter what you pursue; remodeling your home is no exception. Consider the perks of giving your bathroom a twist with a classic fixture. Antique bathroom vanities are perfect for such an occasion.

Adelina 72 inch Antique Double Bathroom Vanity Cream Marble Top

Adelina 72 inch Antique Double Bathroom Vanity Cream Marble Top

For some consumers, the popular image of antique bathroom vanities is that of grandiose, bulky dressers with overly ornate designs. We can assure you that the scope is significantly more diverse than meets the eye. Furthermore, manufacturers today implement a plethora of sophisticated resources and methods, in order to make the antique bathroom vanity work for you under any circumstances. The need for easy-to-maintain, practical furniture is exponentially on the rise, as is the demand for bargains. We work to accommodate these needs with our online store.
Nostalgia and efficiency work extremely well together in antique bathroom vanities. Our products utilize lightweight, durable resources that are corrosion-proof and impervious to moisture. Medium density fiberboard (MDF) and plywood form the foundation of antique bath vanity cabinets. In the meantime, each antique bath vanity set reflects a unique finish that bears the look and texture of distressed wood with hand-carved details; thus, the motif stays true to genuine antique bath vanities circa Victorian and Colonial eras.

 The choices for a lustrous and rich finish are boundless, and we have quite a list to consider. Peruse our collection of antique bathroom vanities in such popular variations as oak, cherry, chestnut, walnut, mahogany, classic onyx-black or white (Arctic, off-white, or eggshell), and espresso. Original antique bath vanities were typically large, floor-standing fixtures equipped with one sink. Nowadays, you have the freedom of buying a stylish antique vanity in any size, either with one sink or two. Likewise, we carry antique bath vanities in floor-standing and wall-mounted varieties. The latter is beloved by many a consumer; it not only has multiple storage compartments but also additional room underneath the cabinet. We are talking about twice the functionality and twice the chic.
Consider whether you would prefer to purchase a fully assembled antique bath vanity or custom-select the individual components at your own convenience. We offer both options, not to mention an impressive array of top-shelf countertops and sinks. You can choose a stunning specimen in marble, granite, stone, or even metal for the countertop. Our sinks are available in similar materials and fall within the categories of under-mounted and drop-in
As you can see, old is not tantamount to outdated. Old is chic and classic, and antique bathroom vanities are a true testament to that. Your home will transform in unimaginable ways, once a gorgeous antique bathroom vanity enters the picture. A life-long investment in luxury for a meager price is surely a savvy decorator’s dream come true.


Trendy White Traditional bathroom Vanities

You are likely thinking of doing something special in your home. Just as an individual can indulge in a decadent treat or activity, so can a domicile get rewarded with a boost or two?  Do not be concerned too much about where to start, because we can help you narrow the particulars down to a “T”. In this case, the perfect “T” just happens to be a traditional white bathroom vanity.

21 inch Adelina Antique White Finish Bathroom Vanity

21 inch Adelina Antique White Finish Bathroom Vanity

The reason for its ongoing mass appeal is that a traditional bathroom vanity finds the fine middle ground between legacy and lasting relevance; it can resonate with a personal sentiment, while catching the public eye with its versatile nature of being both an art piece and a household tool, so to speak.
Many white traditional bathroom vanities conjure up images of antique furniture that carries quite a bit of pomp and circumstance in its design, alone. Royalty may have been the one social rung to put it on the map (thanks, Queen Vic!), but present-day designers found the way to transform this treasure chest into an accessible storage unit of myriad shapes, dimensions, and motifs.
Intricate handcrafted details shaped on organic materials are merely a few of the traits that are definitive of traditional bathroom vanities. You can go either the Victorian route or venture toward the Colonial American niche for inspirations. Shaker and Mission-style are two of the favorite motifs among those with an eye for conventional, clean-cut lines and subtle yet rich finishes.
Traditional bathroom vanities, as we know it, consist of such basic elements as a storage cabinet with doors and/or drawers, a countertop and sink, and an optional side cabinet. The template is similar, indeed, but manufacturers’ take on the so-called oldie certainly ha come to incorporate a healthy dose of contemporary zing. What sued to be a floor-mounted set with a single drop-in sink has evolved into the multiple permutations you notice on the market today. Our online catalogue is replete with one-of-a-kind selections from all of your favorite brands in the industry. From Ado to Windsor, from large to petite, we have them all.
Feel free to take the plunge into your renovation project with fresh, cost-effective ideas from our website.  You will be able to find all of our top-selling traditional white bathroom vanities listed by dimensions, as well as styles (wall-mounted and floor-standing). You need not wait long for that spectacular new fixture that will help organize your space, as well as set the tone for a unique and multi-dimensional area that will have all of the foot traffic gearing towards it and all the eyes on the sophisticated setting. A touch of classic charm is always a smart move in modern décor, and white bathroom vanities definitely can withstand the fads. Spend less time wading through lines and contending with ridiculous prices, since we have eliminated both. Simply enjoy the experience of creating a beautiful and functional space.


Materials for Antique Bathroom Vanities

The most common materials for antique or contemporary vanity countertops are the marble or granite. Unflappable, composite, and beautiful, marble top antique bathroom vanities are well known for its permanence and the soul of luxury. You need to recognize that picking an antique bathroom vanity is not easy. You have to choice out the bath cabinets first before you agree on the theme for it. If it’s the additional method around, you might be busy with the partial selections of current day bathroom styles with the latest luxury vintage bathroom vanities.

21 inch Adelina Pastel Beige Finish Bathroom Vanity

21 inch Adelina Pastel Beige Finish Bathroom Vanity

Antique bathroom vanities array from basins to bath cabinet and from faucets to sinks. You need to keep in mind of the use of the vintage vanity before you catch one. Pick out over design rather than need might get you addicted to squeeze later on when you start with planning and design your bathroom.
You might think that you have to buying these antique bathroom vanities any by one, and collect them later in your bath. You’re wide of the mark. Single vanity or double bathroom vanities, mainly marble or marble ones, all antique bathroom vanities are ready-made and ready for usage. You could go for hardwood, travertine or granite, or veneers, but the greatest is always the marble countertops.
Traditional bathroom vanities with granite tops are the most shared of all. Antique vanities can fit with antique designs, particularly Victorian or Art Deco. Bath cabinets have well-appointed basins and faucets from stainless steel chrome to gilded style, all emphasized by the stone countertops to provide a contemporary, yet old taste.

The vintage bathroom vanity cabinets underneath are tortuously carved, though some vanities are plain wood make and bereft of any styles or carvings, yet radiates the same total of elegance nevertheless. If you are not concerned about the prices, you can go for full stone antique bathroom vanities with wooden cabinet and drawers. The base and the substance are solid granite, yet the drawers are made of wood of the maximum strong quality.
If you want an extra contemporary style, you can go for antique bathroom vanities that look like a shelf with a sink on white marble countertop. The bowl is usually made of ceramic and the faucet is stretched to accommodate it. The basin can also be made of glass or stone.


Elegance with Traditional Bathroom Vanities

Home décor experts are viewing remodeling in a new way with the help of traditional bathroom vanities. A common perception may be that when it comes to giving your bathroom a facelift, newer furniture is immediately the answer. The truth is, however, that traditional bathroom vanities carry a tremendous amount of intrinsic value for many homeowners and real-estate agents; certain themes are repeated throughout innovative lines, forms, textures, and even with the use of innovative materials.

60 inch Rustic Bathroom Vanity Beige Marble Top

60 inch Rustic Bathroom Vanity Beige Marble Top

 Let us take a look at the components of a traditional discount bathroom vanity. Typically, the fixture consists of a storage cabinet with doors and/or drawers. You might see a traditional bath vanity set in a form of a console (i.e. a vanity table with a lower shelf for added storage). Traditional bathroom vanities tend to be mainly single-sink, although they have been adapted to accommodate the needs for added functionality. Offices and multi-person households equally thrive on having the flexibility of additional compartments for organizing one’s interior, not to mention the continuous benefits of saving time. The latter applies quite a bit to couples, families, and roommates; a double-sink traditional bath vanity acts as a surefire time saving device, as the wait for one’s turn is eliminated.
When it comes to traditional vanities, they possess myriad qualities that consistently win over consumers, as the beloved go-to solution for a chic and efficient way to revamp your bathroom. Real-estate agents especially have a tendency to zero in on the balance between time-tested motifs and their upscale, updated interpretations.

 Traditional bathroom vanities are likely to be associated with antique and vintage styles, yet they also fit within the category of modern storage units. MDF and plywood can be combined with engineered and natural wood varieties (oak, walnut, birch, or poplar) to reflect the appearance and texture of distressed and restored furniture.
Classic themes often conjure up classic tones, and traditional bathroom vanities famously boast an array of rich solid shades of natural oak, cherry, walnut, and mahogany finishes. We carry specimens of discount bathroom vanity sets from all of your favorite brands, in a wide gamut of configurations that are highly in-demand on today’s market.
Adding regal flare to your home is made even more exciting by the prospect of saving bundle in the process. You can accomplish this in no time by saving both time and money, when venturing onto our site and making a selection from any of the multitudinous “shelves” we have to offer. Each of our discount bathroom vanities reflects top-of-the-line quality of time-tested details and an innovative edge of materials like marble, granite, and tempered glass that also carry a hint of edgy panache.  Whether they stand on the floor or hang on the wall, have one sink or a pair, traditional bath vanities will do wonders for turning your home into a personal work of art.


Smart Remodeling with Discount Bathroom Vanities

It is a new day. Perhaps you are looking to give a fresh perspective to your house or office building. In this case, it is time to do some brainstorming about the design motif you wish to cultivate; plus, it would save you a ton of time by taking careful measurements of the space, prior to purchasing the right discount bathroom vanity. We mention discount bathroom vanities, since they combine multi-layered practicality with elegance at a price that both you and your wallet can feel relieved about.

Adelina 60 inch Antique Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Adelina 60 inch Antique Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

When shopping for new furniture in this day and age, you are bound to be enveloped by a wealth of choices, yet there is no need to panic; all you have to do is explore the horizons. Discount bathroom vanities are intended to fit the bill for savvy home decorators that wish to capitalize upon sophistication, while cutting back on having to deal with excess expenditures, when you deserve to be saving your money, as well as your time.
Speaking of time, it is noticeably more of the essence, given the constantly changing and advancing socio-technological climate of the last several decades. Along with the push to be resourceful and develop a sharp shopper’s acumen comes the pull towards the also-burgeoning plane. Just the right combination of time-tested aesthetic inspiration, sophisticated techniques, and updated technology can lead to stunning specimens of discount bathroom vanities to accommodate every consumer, bar none.

Particleboard and plywood usually come to mind, when one mentions discount bathroom vanities, as does the term “stock furniture”. Quite the contrary, discount bathroom vanities represent all spectra of design motifs; every type from the antique and transitional to the modern and contemporary, from the American to the Euro-Design grandeur and the minimalist chic popularized in Asia (continuing to help a resourceful consumer capture two birds with one crumb by combining ample storage room and small frame, so that you are able to make full use of every vacant square inch. We have discount bath vanities in floor-mounted or floating variations; the latter tends to be a particular favorite in compact bathrooms. Part of the charm (aside from the low price tag) is the fact that discount bathroom vanities embody the trick to lasting furniture; they combine natural wood (notably oak, poplar, birch, and walnut) with their engineered counterparts, in addition to the aforementioned MDF. For our stunning selections of countertops, we have granite, cultured marble, travertine, acrylic, and tempered glass. Some of the discount bath vanities are sold without tops, thus enabling you to custom-make your fixture before purchase.  As for sinks, our collection includes under-mounted, integrated, and vessel sinks in Vitreous China, ceramics, acrylic, marble, and tempered glass.
Space concerns really ought not be a concern, when you are searching for that perfect piece of furniture. Small or large, discount bathroom vanities are also widely available as Mirrored bathroom vanity cabinets; no doubt, they continue to be in extremely high demand by businesses and homes alike. If you wish to make the most of your remodeling project, then we shall gladly offer you some brand-name selections to contemplate. From Adelina to Xylem, the realm of discount bathroom vanities with pizzazz is wide open for you.


Attractive Traditional Bathroom Vanities

It is becoming increasingly common for homes (especially new homes) to be constructed with a traditional vanity in the master bathroom. Commercial buildings are catching on the trend, as well. More offices, hotels, hospitals, and resorts are being furnished with traditional bathroom vanities, given their imperiousness to shifting fads. Decades come and go, and bold innovation continues in crafting versatile and long-lasting bathroom fixtures that are easy to maintain. Homeowners and expert designers continue to embrace traditional vanities. Something about their elegance and easily translatable functionality helps create a clean, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing aura about the bathroom, as well as adding to the homeowner’s further satisfaction with his/her abode.

Art Kelia 63 inches Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Espresso

Art Kelia 63 inches Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Espresso

Whatever your lifestyle, we are prepared to accommodate it in the best way to fit your home. Size is not an issue, either that of your living space or the number of your household. Traditional  discount single-sink sets come with ample storage space, made from top-quality wood, glass, metal, and marble. Save time and maximize your space with our double-sink sets, which are exceptional for couples and families. Not only will it solve the issue of sharing space with your loved ones but also ensure a great way to organize. A cabinet situated in the middle of the two sinks will provide homeowners the option to distinctly separate the two vanity areas, creating a balanced symmetry while allowing each space to maintain its personality, reflective of the individual. The curved façade and marble accents add a balance of the masculine and feminine, ensuring a harmonious and soothing aura about your bathroom.

 No homeowner can go wrong with a stylish discount traditional vanity that suits the modern fast-paced lifestyles and the demands associated with it. Although they are generally considered large and overly ornate, that is not always the case. Designers nowadays have come up with, and mastered, a plethora of techniques that help make traditional furniture as irresistible today as it had been all those years ago.
Traditional bath vanities of yesteryear tended to utilize dense materials that may have amped up the beautiful façade but augmented to fixture’s weight, as well. Cheap MDF and other types of engineered wood (along with natural oak, poplar, walnut, and birch) convey the dignified form of discount vanities without the hassle of weighing down either your muscles or your budget. Our store proudly offers you Michelin-quality discount bathroom vanities in any finish you choose. Countertops are made of such materials as marble, granite travertine (an inexpensive alternative to the former two), Our stock is replete with some traditional vanities that have pre-assembled countertops and some that are not, hence allowing you to custom-design the fixture, prior to purchasing. Choose from under-mounted or ceramic vessel sinks; some are also available in tempered glass. We sell both pre-assembled traditional vanities and those with faucets and/or pop-up drains old separately.  Ultimately, the decision is yours about the finest traditional bathroom vanities, and our store brings the entire supply to you online. No need to tread long queues at a brick-and-mortar store. High-end fixtures at low prices are how we run the show.


Small Spaces and Small Bathroom Vanities

You have settled into your new home. Whether it is an apartment, condominium, or a single-family house, this place deserves to have a personal touch that showcases your style as a decorator, having an eye for detail, as well as an appreciation for chic, means that you will have the acumen for balancing roominess with minimalism. Here, we are referring to the art of selecting a small bathroom vanity that is big on sophistication. The reason small bath vanities are in the spotlight is that an increasing number of people (homeowners and real-estate agents alike) are cashing in on the prospects promised and often realized in city centers. Where opportunities are plentiful and space is of the essence, small bathroom vanities provide the perfect solution for satiating the need for chic and being mindful of the allotted interior space.

26 inch Adelina Cottage White Sink Bathroom Vanity

26 inch Adelina Cottage White Sink Bathroom Vanity

Your designer’s palate will be instantly satisfied with a palette of dimensions and forms that include antique, traditional, modern, contemporary, and Euro-Design small bath vanities. The solution for maximizing your bathroom space is undeniably simple. For this purpose, wall mount discount bathroom vanities are perfect for creating an illusion of a more open area, while providing extra storage and counter space.
The advantages of purchasing a smaller bathroom vanity for your remodeling project are numerous. They are fairly easy to install and are frequently taken on as DIY ventures; this, in turn, allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses for somebody else’s assistance. Of course, a professional plumber can be hired just as well, while the process will be just as affordable as the purchase, itself.
Smaller spaces, including apartments, row houses and the like, require careful consideration in terms of effectively using space for efficient discount bathroom vanity storage, all the while accenting the bathroom. Our collection of small bathroom vanities 23’’ and under consists of top-brand sets and fixtures to suit your preference.
Having a scale model of what a bathroom would be like inside a sprawling home (not even a mansion); resourceful decorators with a yen to get out of the box rife with design conventions know that a small bathroom vanity can pack a healthy dose of potential and panache into its shelves. These ingenious designs have perks written all over them. Firstly, they fit every style; secondly, they are easy to maintain; and thirdly, they are cost-effective (especially when you buy yours via an online distributor.
By the by, shelves and drawers are essential components of small bathroom vanities. Used to be that a small bathroom vanity would suffice as a mere pedestal sink. Therein occurred a change, in which a bathroom became not just a bathroom but also a room with a character all its own—one that says neatness, relaxation, and edginess. A massive hit of style absolutely can derive from a small bundle, so can high-quality small discount bathroom vanities be found at a low price. You will find both of these criteria met at our store. No standing in line required. Simply visit our site, click on the desired product, and shop away.


Cheap Bathroom Vanities are the Ticket to Home Glamour

Finding a fabulous bathroom vanity can happen quicker than you may think.  After all, the choices are virtually limitless on the market, and the media are likewise varied: You have got the conventional brick-and-mortar stores, contemporary bathroom furniture boutiques replete with one-of-a-kind specimens from different eras, and the ever-convenient series of online stores that boast quality merchandise. The only thing that is cheap about the cheap bathroom vanities we carry at our store is the price tag.

Abel 36 inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Antique Coffee

Abel 36 inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Antique Coffee

Whichever style inspires you, the search for the perfect type of cheap bathroom vanity can yield some great results.  It is no surprise that the thought of remodeling can give people a barrage of mixed emotions; the good news is, therein lies a strategy. One room that is bound to help make the first impression about a home, apartment, a shopping complex, a hotel, or an office building is the bathroom; subsequently, one of the bathroom’s so-called character contemporary pieces is the vanity. Bringing a healthy dose of oomph into your home with a cheap bathroom vanity is not only possible but also popular. Budgeting and great taste are by no means mutually exclusive the key is in the details (materials used, for instance).

You are probably perfectly attuned to the trends on the home furniture circuit, as an increasing percentage of manufacturers are leaning towards integrating natural and engineered materials into the designs; this approach results in sturdier and more damage-proof storage units that are more lightweight and easier to maintain. For example, the contemporary bathroom vanities would consist of natural wood, along with Rustic and plywood, while finished off with veneers. The countertops would incorporate acrylic, cultured marble, and/or tempered glass (as would the sinks).  We might as well get down to the business of decorating pleasure and give you the scoop on the latest of cheap bathroom vanities from our collection.

Take the Legion cheap bathroom vanity: This exquisite vintage piece is made up of a marble countertop with intricate hand-carved details and under-mounted porcelain sink (plumbing hardware and faucet not included). The Bellaterra Home cheap bathroom vanity should appeal to you, as well. A solid birch with a dark mahogany finish is crowned with a cream Marfil (ivory) countertop and fitted with an under-mounted porcelain sink (antique brass hardware sold separately).  If these two vanities have peaked your curiosity, then the next one will, no doubt. The Bionic Panache Ocean Blue cheap bathroom vanity cannot be described merely in words, but we shall try. A solid wood cabinet in a rich mahogany is topped with a sleek blue frosted glass countertop and vessel sink, brass faucet included. (The entire vanity is pre-assembled upon purchase). The Cambridge contemporary bathroom vanity showcases a solid oak cabinet in a white finish; nine drawers and two doors with soft-close hinges and tempered glass panels give a distinctive look to the fixture.  A tempered glass countertop and matching vessel sinks (countertop also available in white marble) is set with two single-stem chrome faucets (optional upgrade to brushed nickel).
As you can see, cheap bathroom vanities are the talk of the town for savvy remodelers, wherever the transformation may occur.  Falling in love again with the elegance of your bathroom is quite a simple thing, once a fabulous vanity comes along to enhance it.


Cheap Single Sink Vanity for Your Bathroom

The choice between a single sink bathroom vanity and its double sink counterpart is mostly contingent with your preference. There are some factors, which often help determine that this is the model to choose. Truthfully, space is increasingly the catalyst for consumers to opt for installing a single sink vanity inside their houses, apartments, and quite a few commercial buildings. More so than in the past, consumers are seeking out ways to make the most of every available square inch; the phenomenon is certainly not uncommon in city centers, where people continue to flock with the desire for greater personal and professional prospects.


City-center apartments and homes may be “notoriously” smaller than most suburban homes and condominiums, but they are just as chic and cozy, in their own fashion. And fashion is what you would be cultivating by purchasing a one-of-a-kind single sink cheap bathroom vanity from our nationally recognized online store. We pride ourselves not only on high caliber products but also on the ability to sell then at extremely high discounts.

Single sink bathroom vanities definitely meet the criteria of being simultaneously in demand and in vogue. One might assume that the most coveted items are those that prove somewhat elusive. Luckily, this is not necessarily the fact, and single sink vanities definitely are easy to track down. Cheap bathroom vanities are quite fabulous, no questions about it.  Consumers continue to be enamored with the concept of a bath vanity cabinet for its sheer practicality and aesthetic appeal.
Take your time to peruse our online store and see which of the cheap bathroom vanities shall peak your interest. Here are a few we can suggest: The Cambridge modern single sink bathroom vanity with a white finish is constructed with one door, six drawers, tempered glass countertop and sink, chrome faucet included. The Legion antique single sink bathroom vanity is a gorgeous piece in a walnut finish, a Rainforest brown marble countertop, and a white ceramic under-mounted sink. From the traditional stock, we have the Kaco Guilford Manor cheap bathroom vanity in mahogany solid and satin wood veneer cabinet with an Oxford brown finish (also available in cognac), one bow front door and six drawers, granite countertop (your choice of black, tan, or Gold Hill), and a ceramic under-mounted sink (faucet and mirror sold separately). The Avola contemporary single sink vanity is a unique piece consisting of a solid wood cabinet with a black finish (four drawers, one double doors), a white porcelain countertop and integrated sink (faucet sold separately).
You probably have noticed the strong presence of wall mounted single sink bathroom vanity; both in its “full” form and as a corner fixture, bathroom vanities definitely continue to maintain and accrue a loyal fan base among consumers of all socioeconomic enclaves. Antique or modern, Euro-Design, American Art Deco, or a touch of minimalist chic inspired by Asia, each and every territory is expertly covered by the realm of single sink vanities. Great designs from multiple eras converge with ease in the form of a bath vanity.


Old-fashioned Bathroom Vanities

Imagine walking into a spacious and beautiful bathroom that showcases old-fashioned bathroom vanity with intricate handcrafted details. The cabinet includes a series of storage compartments and is made of natural wood; the countertop is one of marble (or granite, if you prefer; the sink is under-mounted and ceramic…  Does the description sound like one of antique bathroom vanity? It certainly does, because the traditional bathroom vanity is in the spotlight.

60 inch Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Marble Top

60 inch Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Marble Top

Trends and fads occur on a continual basis and certainly are inevitable. On the other hand, the affinity and need for familiar form contributes to traditional bathroom vanities’ being in high demand. It is absolutely true that whichever furniture store you visit, the stock of antique bathroom vanities is unmistakably full.
Deciding to give your home a boost in looks and value is always a smart move. First of all, the furniture you would be choosing is one with a long shelf life, not to mention a series of traits that make it nearly impervious to corrosion and etching, even after constant accumulation of moisture. The frequent use is a given, of course; after all, we all enjoy unwinding after a long, productive day by soaking in a spacious bathtub or under a soothing shower steam. Understandably, the composition formula has changed somewhat (i.e. more MDF and veneers being used for the cabinetry). The look and texture remain true to the original concept that inspired the traditional or antique vanity, of course.
A traditional bathroom vanity is a reliable choice for anyone remodeling his/her bedroom. First and foremost, it is crafted utilizing the most durable, water-resistant materials, notable various types of natural wood.  Among the most popular kinds of wood are oak, birch, and dark elm. The color of the wood blends particularly well with the countertop; in the case of antique vanities, it is fashioned from marble or granite.
In order to accommodate the demands of considerably fast-paced lifestyles in the modern world, traditional vanities have been “modified” to stray somewhat from the more common design. Rather than continuously lean on the basic rectangular and somewhat bulky cabinets, designers are opting for softer and more unique oval shapes, along with lighter finishes, which help create the appearance of maximized space even in a bathroom with the most restricted layout.
No longer having to adhere to the specifications for overly complex and bulky storage and dresser units has made the traditional bath vanity concept a welcome presence in bathrooms of all sizes.  If in the mood of a single sink traditional bathroom vanity, we can make happen, if your heart is set on a double-sink variant. Going straight to the point and avoiding the long queues at the local furniture shop, not to mention finding high discounts right away, is what happens, when you purchase your traditional bath vanity via our online store.