Cost-Effective Floating Bathroom Vanities

So you want to remodel your bathroom. So you are on the lookout for furniture that is both stylish and practical. So you are planning to set a specific budget for your renewal. Great news comes in the form of floating bathroom vanities. Also known as wall mooned vanities, these fixtures have escalated in popularity over the past few decades for their flawless ability to combine versatility with trendiness.

72 inch Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanity Coffee Oak Finish

72 inch Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanity Coffee Oak Finish

The allure of so-called wall mount furniture may as well hearken back to the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon and later, the Hanging Gardens of Bali. Ethereal beauty fit for royalty, Floating bathroom vanities help bring the aura of surreal luxury into the context of modern interior design, which emphasizes a space that is both efficiently organized and comfortable. Our online furniture store carries uniquely crafted floating bathroom vanities from the industry’s best brands. Their luxury, however, lies in their look, not the price tag.

Aside from their aesthetic charm, wall mooned bathroom vanities offer convenience and ease. Lightweight MDF and hardwood (usually oak, walnut, or poplar) serve as exceptional materials for floating bathroom vanity cabinets. Utilizing kiln-dried hardwood allows for hassle-free maintenance and, most importantly, cost-effective maintenance. Contemporary bathroom vanities consistently make the top ranking for sophisticated, multipurpose furniture.

Space-saving furniture has been on the minds of designers and real estate agents for decades. What began as an exercise in practicality became an integral part of a rapidly growing affinity for effortless luxury. Floating bathroom vanities easily accommodate any given floor plan, whether that of a cozy apartment or of a lavish mansion. Floating vanities give consumers the best of both worlds, as they provide ample storage room without taking up any excess floor-space. A popular misconception about wall mount bathroom vanities is that they are relegated mainly to modern and contemporary fixtures. Luckily, the aforementioned MDF and hardwood help manufacturers circumvent the popular conventions, where antique and traditional storage units are exclusively bulky pedestals, outfitted with a single sink. You can find at our online furniture store antique, traditional, modern, and contemporary versions of stellar wall mount bathroom vanities in every size and price range to fit your requests. Raise the bar for timeless, chic décor with cost-effective floating bathroom vanities.