Floating Bathroom Vanities

Fashion often gives rise to trends that take on a fan base. One of the latest trends in bathroom décor is that of floating vanities. While this may conjure up image of floating carpets and weightless ships, these fixtures are very much anchored. What distinguishes them from the conventional model is that these vanities are wall-mounted. Rather than take up excess floor space, floating vanities free up extra storage room underneath it, complementing the series of drawers that are already part of the vanity.

Adelina 60 inch Cottage White Finish Bathroom Vanity, Italian Carrara Marble Top

Adelina 60 inch Cottage White Finish Bathroom Vanity, Italian Carrara Marble Top

Lightweight and easy to maintain, floating modern bathroom vanities are found to be exceptionally versatile for all occasions and all budges. The manner, in which they are designed, makes floating bathroom vanities an ideal option for a room of any size, whether it is a tiny washroom in a compact apartment or a sprawling, spa-like bathroom inside a lavish home

Floating bathroom vanities have virtually countless benefits to offer today’s homeowners. Aside from the aforementioned perk of their being lightweight and easy to upkeep, floating bathroom vanities are fit for any household situation; hence, you can find them as both single-sink and double-sink sets.

If remodeling is on the horizon, and you have your heart set on a stylish floating contemporary bathroom vanity then you might wish to consider checking out the vast inventory of the finest floating bathroom vanities available at a series of well-established online stores that carry a plethora of high-end home furniture at astonishingly low-end prices.

There are so many varieties of floating modern bathroom vanities that the online store environment is the most effective way to make the selection as easy as possible. All the items are displayed before you in a catalogue, which consists of all the name brands in floating bathroom vanities; all you have to do is explore any given model of the floating vanities by style, brand, and cost, before settling on the one that resonates with you and the overall sense of décor in your home.

In the modern context, floating bathroom vanities represent luxury that looks every bit as extravagant as the richest armoire but without the fancy price tag attached to it. Sleep soundly, knowing that these fixtures combine practicality and panache, not to mention that they are created to withstand corrosion and breakage, while lasting foe years, if not decades.