Home Décor with Wall-Mounted Vanities

Make Your Home Décor Soar with Low-Priced Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanities.
Wall-mounted bathroom vanities continue to hold the top spot they had conquered in home décor. Their allure continues to draw in throngs of consumers for decades on end. Unmistakably forward in their design yet immediately cemented as classics, wall-mounted bathroom vanities exemplify simple elegance. An ingenious concept, wall-mounted bathroom vanities create the illusion of gorgeous furniture floating on air. The key lies in the cleverly concealed plumbing.

72 inch Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanity Latte Oak Finish

72 inch Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanity Latte Oak Finish

Despite, or perhaps because of, this spoiler alert, wall-mounted bathroom vanities only grown in their popularity and relevance as beautiful and functional fixtures. Furthermore, their composition incorporates highly dependable and lightweight materials, which are both long lasting and cost-effective. Check out our online furniture store, and see the stellar collection for yourself.

The fixture came on the scene as somewhat of a novelty. For centuries, consumers were used to the ornate and often bulky floor-standing units. Wall-mounted bathroom vanities revolutionized the concept of furniture that was both sophisticated and practical. More specific incentives for installing a wall-mounted bathroom vanity would definitely hearken back to their being small weight and low upkeep. Low-VOC hardwood and MDF make the fixtures reliable and long lasting, given their ability to withstand corrosion.

Efficient and aesthetically pleasing, wall-mounted bathroom vanities instantly spruce up even the most modest homes and commercial buildings. Our online furniture store carries an impressive selection of wall mounted bathroom vanities from 18 inches to 60 and above. Each wall-mounted bathroom vanity at our online furniture store offers ample storage space, both on the countertop and within the deep doweled compartments. Simply locate your plumbing, take the proper measurements and your new wall mounted bathroom vanity will be waiting at our  store. Click, and we shall deliver the modern-day “hanging garden” to your door. Amazing style at a low price is definitely not a myth.