Interested in purchasing a new bathroom vanity set?

Interested in purchasing a new bathroom vanity set? This means that you are in for some surprises that will sit well with your wallet, in addition to making your bathroom an elegant and relaxing place to enjoy. Bathrooms used to be simple, unbecoming areas that housed only the bare fundamentals of toilet and washbasin.  The Victorian era ushered in a dramatic change in the ways people view the bathroom and its purpose. It became popular as a room for tending to one’s toilette (i.e. beauty regimen). At the time, only members of the royal court were privy to these seemingly luxurious centerpieces. Socioeconomic circumstances, along with time, made the bathroom vanity available to households regardless of class. What used to be an area for primping oneself pretty, whether out of vanity (hence the furniture name) or for the sheer sake of well-being, the bathroom vanity set was soon the main focus of the room that is more than a washroom but rather an  entire dressing unit.

59 inch Wall Mount Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

59 inch Wall Mount Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities sets have evolved in their design, just as they have in their purpose. Recognized for their practicality and elegance, bathroom vanity sets continue to be a must for homeowners. They are comprised of various materials, some of which are undeniably characteristic of a certain era associated with the appearance and texture. Antique, transitional, modern, or contemporary, a sleek bathroom vanity set helps emphasize your individual tastes, reflecting your personality as a homeowner, while also honing in on the bathroom’s own outstanding features.

What used to be a typically ornate, grandiose, and often hulky bathroom centerpiece meant to rest on the floor evolved into a chic fixture that can be either floor-standing or wall-mounted. Natural wood has been the staple for bath vanity sets; however, modern bathroom vanities concepts have incorporated glass, chrome, and stainless steel into the mix of sturdy and aesthetically appealing sources for bath vanity sets.

Bathroom vanities sets have transformed drastically from massive, single-sink structures taking up floor-space to virtually floating, lightweight cabinets that can accommodate two sinks and thus augment the convenience of getting ready for the day without having to fight over counter-space. Speaking of which, the countertops of bathroom vanity sets remain spacious, while their size may change. Large, medium, small, and petite bath vanity sets can provide ample counter-space.

Nowadays, you can find all types of bathroom vanities sets without having to search through archives for antique vanities or browse the most cutting-edge stores for contemporary designs. Modern bathroom vanities cabinets can be restored to resemble the look and texture of a vintage specimen; what is more, the old and the new can be found online and at a price a budget-conscious consumer like you is bound to be content with.