Mission Bathroom Vanities

The notion of owning mission bathroom vanities styles is anything but outlandish. Just as they had been popular in 17th-century America, likewise they are gaining appeal and appreciation in the home of anyone with an eye for uniqueness and a nostalgic flare for the colonial design aesthetic. The style may have emanated with the Spanish missions in the American southwest, yet it’s simple, clean-cut form holds up to high standards and esteem even today. Oak cannot be denied as one of the most solid and reliable types of natural wood, not to mention one of the finest furniture-crafting materials.

Accord Antique 28 inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanities

Accord Antique 28 inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanities

A growing number of people today are turning to Quakers, Shakers, and Amish furniture makers for inspiration. Remodeling one’s bathroom is an important milestone for any homeowner, no doubt about it. Often, the bathroom is what helps define the home’s character, given that the home reflects the character of the people living in it. Mission bathroom vanities capture the very essence of personality in their no-frills, no-nonsense approach to furniture design. The forms and patterns are clean and well suited for any décor. Whether you are inclined towards antique vanities or modern vanities for bathroom décor, a mission style vanity will carry over its charm and practicality, since functional furniture is exactly what homeowners emphasize today.

The beauty of mission bathroom vanities is that they come in a gamut of sizes, much like their modern, contemporary, and Euro Design counterparts.  You can be sure that no matter the size of the bathroom, there is a vanity for that. A beautiful, sturdy oak cabinet that was once available almost exclusively as a floor standing model now comes as a wall-mounted option, thus allowing you to make full use of extra storage, apart from the drawers.

Amish and Shaker vanities for bathrooms generally come outfitted with drop-in or under mount sinks. A more modern approach is utilizing oval vessel sinks, which help resonate with current preferences, while keeping with the homage to Shaker ideal in bathroom décor.

Double doors and marble or granite countertops are merely few of the tantalizing traits associated with mission bathroom vanities. If you have an appreciation for genuine wood vanity cabinets, then mission style is the fail-safe option to go on. Plus, becoming a proud owner of one that has been bought from the comfort of the home computer, alongside the free shipping policy, is a decision well thought out and well worth the lifelong investment in Shaker chic.