Modern Bathroom Vanities Designs

No one can resist spending a few extra minutes looking into a gorgeous modern bathroom vanity. With the abundance of choices found in furniture stores today, who can be blamed? In the days of yesteryear, the bathroom vanity was once the very last item to be given any consideration. The primary purpose for the vanity was functionality, as opposed to beauty.  Since the concept derived from lavish Victorian vanities, others who followed suit, wishing to own a bathroom centerpiece, often resorted to sacrificing beauty for functionality. Not the case with modern bathroom vanities, however. A vast number of furniture stores carry bathroom cabinets that are both affordable and luxurious.

53 inch Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Espresso Finish Vessel Sink Set

53 inch Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Espresso Finish Vessel Sink Set

When it comes to modern designs, the choice of material is just as diverse as that of the styles. You can easily come across a sleek modern cabinet that utilizes a wide range of natural wood, including oak, cherry, and walnut, to name just a few. If you are looking to capture that ultra-modern, cutting-edge sophistication, wall mounted vanities with a glass countertop and sink will be sure to do the trick.

The reasons for which the wall-mounted model is consistently accruing positive reviews from designers and home buyers across the board is the versatility in texture, durability, and overall aesthetic charm that is more than capable of withstanding trends and fads. Whether traditional, Euro-Design, or the latest in the “now” developments, people are leaning greatly towards the small and medium modern bathroom vanities, particularly those that are wall mounted vanities. Not only do these cabinets look spectacular, but also they provide the much-coveted coherence and pizzazz. Furthermore, having a compact vanity positioned on your wall certainly helps add to the space in your bathroom. This is especially useful in the case of homes and apartments in Europe, where space is considerably smaller than one is accustomed to, in America. Size is not the biggest defining criterion, however. The beauty of modern bathroom vanities, whether large or petite and everything in-between, is that they mesh impeccably with whatever décor your house embraces.

Chic modern cabinets come as single sink and double sink sets, alike. It is not only charming but also naturally practical and time saving to install a double modern vanity unit that allows for much-needed available space for individuals aiming getting ready quickly and diligently in the morning. This applies particularly well to households with families, while for couples; the double vanity is undeniably a plus, in and of itself.

While virtually any type of finish suits the modern bathroom vanities, white and black are particular favorites. The various shades of white are found to bring more warmth and openness into the space. As for black, these cabinets are associated with prestige, prosperity, and success, hence why these simple yet provocative shades truly stand out for homeowners and potential buyers. The vanity characteristics ultimately help your house make a lasting favorable impression.