Small Bath Vanities

Anyone in the process of remodeling is likely to be doing so for a few precise reasons. Mostly, the motivation lies in wanting to give one’s home a face-lift, whether it is minor refurbishing or large-scale renovation. Times like these are likely to call certain factors into question—timing and costs, for instance.

36 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Antique Oak Finish

36 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Antique Oak Finish

For many home designers today, choosing a smaller vanity seems to be the more viable option. This does not mean you are o forgo any of the comforts and conveniences associated with the large traditional bath vanity cabinets made of solid wood. It is completely within reason and budget to purchase he more compact model that still possesses all the characteristics of the large antique models, including spacious countertops and numerous drawers.

Although small bathroom vanities are associated with modern and Euro-Design décor, they can also be fashioned and painted to suit those with a penchant for more classic forms. Ideas for your next remodeling venture are frequently determined by such factors as your taste, budget criteria, and of course, the size of your interior layout.

Three style categories have crossed over particularly well for many individuals like you, who wish to find a functional, beautiful, sand affordable vanity set. For antique lovers, the natural inkling would be browsing the web catalog for one-of-a-kind Victorian pieces. This especially sits well with those who appreciate the clean yet vibrant European form; it is artfully encapsulated in a classic Victorian chest vanity of oak, maple, birch, and cedar.  Antique bathroom vanities typically come in rich, dark finishes that include walnut, oak, cherry, espresso, and the like. They can, however, also maintain their appeal with lighter options.

A touch of historical America is also easily attainable for a meager cost and likewise can be discovered via any online furniture store.  Colonial models are especially suitable for newer homes, with this paradox creating a unique and soothing balance, given that much colonial furniture seems to reflect the openness of a country motif with lighter hues, which undoubtedly give the illusion of more room. Having a scale model of a timeless vanity in your bathroom will certainly add to the charm, while keeping the cozy and efficient details of modern and contemporary designs, where you can store items both underneath a wall-mount vanity and in a series of its drawers.

If modern and contemporary is more in your element, small bathroom vanities are certainly abundant in that category. The aforementioned wall-mount model can suit any type of dwelling, from a modest apartment to an opulent mansion. Modern and contemporary small bathroom vanities look especially enticing when made of glass or stainless steel, which proves, time and again, a reliable and damage-proof solution that will save you time and money to buy and maintain.