Small Bathroom Vanity

They may call it a small bathroom vanity, but it is not necessary that it is appropriate only for a small bathroom. Such a vanity is equally suitable for a bigger bathroom, provided the vanity blends with rest of the décor and yet leaves an impact on the visitors. An important condition of a successful interior decoration is that the room should feel neither cramped nor look empty. That is why such a vanity is recommended for small bathrooms only. In a big bathroom, it may just become insignificant.

21 inch Adelina Antique White Finish Bathroom Vanity

21 inch Adelina Antique White Finish Bathroom Vanity

The modern bathroom vanities come in all types of shapes and sizes. Glass and wood are two popular choices of materials although stone and metal are also used in the manufacturing of contemporary vanities. Such vanities are designed by expert designers and manufactured by skilled workers. That is why the generally have eye-catching designs and flawless finish. Moreover, rampant use of machines in the manufacturing process has reduced the cost of production and so you get them at cheaper rates in spite of the superb finish.

Now, you may ask what the significance of a small bathroom vanity is. Firstly, it is obviously smaller in dimension and so takes up lesser space, Secondly, these vanities are designed with the contemporary trend in mind and so they are less ornate in style. The linear designs and simplistic approach of these contemporary bathroom vanities have made them the popular choice of the present generation. May be they will also impress you.

Anyway, let us go back to our old topic. What kind of vanity is suitable for a small bathroom? Although we have recommended small bathroom vanity for that, people often go for a pedestal sink in the hope of saving some space. However, such a sink does not provide any storage space and so it actually wastes space. You need to put up a separate cabinet for that. That is why if the bathroom is small, you have no other option but to go for a modern small bathroom vanity and if such a vanity is mounted on the wall it can even save some floor space. Moreover, if cleverly chosen, a wall mounted bathroom vanity can create the illusion of a bigger space than there really is.

You can further reduce the cost if you buy them online from the virtual stores. Online stores can afford to offer you cheap bathroom vanities rate because they practically have no overhead. Many people are not very comfortable with the idea of online shopping, but if you ask me, they are quite safe, provided you follow safety measures. However, even if you do not want to do that, you can always search through the internet to have a look at the different designs available today.

Right contrast is also essential while you go for vessel sink vanities. Such sinks are manufactured from various materials such as glass, stone, wood, metal or porcelain. A glass sink on a glass vanity may not look as striking as a stainless sink on a glass vanity or a white porcelain sink on a white bathroom vanity. Therefore, while you buy a vanity for your small bathroom, keep the following factors in mind: The vanity should blend with rest of the décor and yet leave an impact on the visitors. The bathroom should feel neither cramped nor look empty; Pedestal sink does not provide any storage space and so it actually wastes space;  It is far better to go for the wall mounted vanities because they save floor space and yet provide space storage;  It is important to create an illusion of space too. That way you feel less cramped.

White being a prominent color, the vanity becomes quite striking. However, it does not mean that such a vanity should be used only for a big bathroom.  If rightly used, such a vanity can create the focal point of any bathroom.  They can make even a small bathroom look quite elegant. The only thing is that you have to make the right contrast.

Creating such an illusion is very important in a small space because it makes you feel less cramped, but more comfortable. It is true that clever use of mirrors and lights can also do bring about that effect, but a wall mounted vanity can actually save space along with creating that illusion. Also, make sure that the vanity either is made from transparent material such as glass or is colored in pastel shades. Light colors to create the illusion of a bigger space. If on the contrary, you want to create the opposite illusion, black bathroom vanities can do the trick for you.