Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Sinks

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities Cabinets undergoes continual transformation over the years, selecting the best of what history has to offer and adapting it to suit the contemporary environment. The same can be said about each individual article of bathroom furniture, as its shape, size, and functionality are enhanced, altered, and thus ameliorated to give your home the best look and feel imaginable. As a home undergoes remodeling, so do its Contemporary Bathroom Vanities — becoming more versatile while retaining its practical purpose. This pattern can be noted in the transformation of bathroom design, particularly the vanity. Counter space and storage compartments play a key role in shaping the room’s overall decor. The sink, however, is also worth considering, since it is the focal point of the vanity, along with the faucet.

72 inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Distressed Driftwood Finish

72 inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Distressed Driftwood Finish

Although its styles greatly vary, the contemporary bathroom vanity sink in popular demand is either pedestal or cabinet. The pedestal sink carries a certain simple elegance and a classic minimalistic charm. It is favored by homeowners not only for the aesthetic appeal but also for the ease with which it can be installed, as well as its affordability. Pedestal sinks are available in a number of shapes, most commonly round, oval, and square; in addition, the various motifs include victorian, antique contemporary, and traditional vanities.

For those seeking to maximize storage space and efficiently organize one’s bathroom necessities, cabinet sinks will provide the sought-after efficiency and appeal. One particular feature that adds to their mass appeal is that cabinet sinks can be easily installed either onto a countertop, propped into the counter, or under mounted below it. There are several types of cabinet sinks, depending on their shape and method of installation. Among the widely used are vessel sinks, which are mounted onto countertops. They can also be installed on a piece of furniture specifically designed to support and complement this type of sink. They have become an increasingly popular addition to contemporary home decor, complete with tall faucets that help add to the luxurious feel of your space. Contemporary Bath Vanities readily available at our Bathroomstrends store in such vast quantity of finishes, designs, shapes and sizes that it is bound to become the focal point of any bathroom. Our selections include vessel sinks of etched glass, painted designs, scalloped edges, wood, and even a distinct model fashioned in the likeness of a soccer ball. Vessel sink vanities are extensively employed in new construction and remodeling projects, adding a fresh and innovative touch while bringing a welcoming aura into the home.