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Antique bathroom vanities are getting quite a bit of love in the market. They were, and continue to be, an emblem of high-end decor, but without the heavy price tag. They are easy to find, and all you need is a trip to our online furniture store. No snail-paced lines and no incessant haggling necessary; just explore our online catalogue, and choose from our wide gamut of designer antique bathroom vanities. Antique bathroom vanities are an n excellent means to recapture an aesthetic of a bygone era without the need to rummage through attics or warehouses.

36 inch Adelina Antique Bathroom Vanity Dark Cherry Finish White Marble Top

36 inch Adelina Antique Bathroom Vanity Dark Cherry Finish White Marble Top

Faithfully refurbished modern cabinets are at the heart of antique bathroom vanities. A stellar combination of MDF and engineered wood ensures durable yet lightweight storage units that will help you make effective use of your space. Designers from the Victorian era, which put antique bath vanities on the map, typically utilized dense and bulky materials (usually metal, stone, and natural wood) to craft their exquisite storage units. Nowadays, you can cultivate the look and texture of those majestic dresser drawers by applying a proper finish. Our online bathroom furniture store features a series of uniquely designed antique bathroom vanities from expertly engineered light oak, poplar, walnut and we offer free shipping on all orders with in the contiguous 48 states.

We carry antique bathroom vanities in various shapes and dimensions, with which to accommodate your varied preferences for storage compartments and counter-space. Speaking of which, our stock is replete with one-of-a-kind countertops and sinks to suit any designer palette. We sell individual countertops, as well as fully assembled antique bathroom vanity units. A number of in-demand selections include, marble, granite, and tempered glass. As for our stock of sinks, we offer sleek and durable porcelain, acrylic, marble, and tempered glass specimen for your liking.
Picture your bathroom as an inviting blank canvas, which is entirely under your whim. Antique bathroom vanities do quite an amazing job at creating a room that feels simultaneously timeless and as the hottest phenomenon in trendy home furnishing.
A home makeover that involves a beloved timeless classic is often the ultimate way to spruce up your surroundings. Spend more time admiring and less time stressing over expenditures. Doing so is easy; antique bathroom vanities are all it takes.