Discount Bathroom Vanities 24 to 72 Inches

A home makeover is an undeniably rewarding experience. The process does not need to be either labor-intensive or costly. Simply focus on the theme of your décor and set a budget; the rest will take care of itself. When the time comes to revamp your bathroom, our online furniture can help you find the perfect discount bathroom vanity. Despite their reputation as stock furniture, discount bathroom vanities offer much more potential than meets the eye.

72 inch Double Bathroom Vanity Latte Oak Finish with Integrated Sink Top

72 inch Double Bathroom Vanity Latte Oak Finish with Integrated Sink Top

Manufacturers have long abandoned flimsy particleboard, which only made furniture drab and easily susceptible to damage; instead, they opted for MDF and hardwood, notably kiln-dried oak, as the basis for discount bathroom vanity cabinets.

With hardwood forming the foundation of sturdy, lightweight cabinets, discount bathroom vanities are intended to fit into a vast array of styles and aesthetics. Our online furniture store offers a bundle of options for every design, including antique, traditional, modern, and contemporary. If you are going for a classic vintage look, then try a distressed wood finish for your discount bathroom vanity. A solid finish (espresso, ebony, mahogany, or off-white) will look fabulous, as well. Modern and contemporary discount bathroom vanities can likewise go the route of a classic finish, while also taking the sleeker. Edgier approach with a glossy, metallic look, along the lines of a grey finish.

Discount bathroom vanities truly save the day, when it comes to remodeling. You can purchase a sophisticated storage unit for any occasion and still save a plethora of money. Our online furniture store has it all: discount bathroom vanities ranging from 24 inches to 72 inches, single-sink and double-sink storage units, floor-standing and wall-mounted fixtures. Our consumers’ wishes become our commands, as we seek out the highest-quality storage units to fit your standards of taste, not to mention your budget.