Big Rewards from Small Bathroom Vanities

Small bathroom vanities are terrific salves for space and budget. They are popular not merely because of their effectiveness in de-cluttering the bathroom; even in a spacious bathroom, a small or even petite cabinet will add a touch of quaint charm and sophistication.  During the Victorian era, bigger was better. An opulent lifestyle fit for the Queen herself meant that a large vanity cabinet is the only way to go, when furnishing the bathroom. Throughout decades onwards, people of all social strata followed suit.

Fresca Small Bathroom Vanity

Fresca Small Bathroom Vanity

Nowadays, the smaller and sleeker they are, the more in-demand are the vanities. Homeowners are looking to highlight the practical features of their furniture; small bathroom vanities are particularly useful in hiding the less attractive features, including plumbing underneath the sink.  Furthermore, they help create an illusion of a more open space, thus maximizing the bathroom, even in the most restricted of layouts.

It is useful to consider the details that make small bathroom vanities vanity cabinet an aesthetically appealing piece, as well as a practical aspect of the décor. Given the importance of this particular item, it behooves one to select the type that will serve multiple purposes and have the necessary details included; among them are a spacious countertop, drawers, and the mirror, as an optional yet enhancing addition.

Wall mounted vanities often work best, since they allow for extra room underneath. Using light colors will do tremendous wonders for creating an atmosphere that is warm, inviting, and roomy. A positive association with a clean, well-organized, and cozy bathroom goes a long way in harnessing plenty of positive energy and, as a bonus, adding points to the overall house value. After all, the majority of people traffic flows through the bathroom, as this one room frequently sets the tone for guests and/or prospective buyers. Regardless whether or not you are putting the house on the market, taking cues from wall mounted vanities designs and lighter shades will only make for a significantly more fulfilling bathroom that is a joy to walk into.

While the vanity is the core of the bathroom, the sink is the core of the vanity. You can find an abundance of unique sinks that come in a series of designs. Most popular are the undermount and vessel sinks. Vessel sinks fit especially well with modern, contemporary, and Euro Design vanities (which look fabulous as petite or small bathroom vanities centerpieces).

Speaking of fabulous, how about ameliorating your shopping experience by doing so from the comfort of the home computer? A wealth of sites offer extensive selections of the finest petite and small bathroom vanities at the low prices, at the thought of which you can sleep easily. Likewise with the shipping, because it is free.