Single and Double Antique Bathroom Vanities

You are moving into a new house. An exciting transition awaits you. One of the most important things to take into consideration is the amount of available space. Lighting also plays a key role in establishing an inviting living environment. Your bathroom is usually the first on the list for furnishing and/or renovation. You might wish to have a balance between a familiar theme and newer materials that are perfectly suited for any circumstances in a modern setting. We can safely say that an antique bathroom vanity would be the perfect choice in the given scenario.

60 inch Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Marble Top

60 inch Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Marble Top

Intricate hand-carved details are characteristic of genuine antique bathroom vanities. However, it does not mean that the only way of finding a true specimen is by digging through overcrowded warehouses fraught to the brim with items from days of yore. True, the inspiration comes from Victorian chambers, where the vanity, as we know it, gained its popularity. The key difference in your search for an antique bathroom vanity today is that they are certainly more easily accessible on eth market.
An antique bathroom vanity can hold its dignified appeal, whether it is a specimen from the 1890’s or a modern vanity that has been faithfully restored to reflect the facade and texture of a uniquely crafted storage unit, as it should be. The secret is in manipulating the design, as it were. Remarkable craftsmanship, combined with tech savvy, allows today’s manufactures to create one-of-a-kind antique bathroom vanities using low-VOC resources that can withstand corrosion and etching MDF and engineered wood (notably oak, walnut, and poplar) ate perfect for creating durable and easy-to-maintain antique bathroom vanities that are also easy on your budget.

 A solid foundation of “modern” resources transforms into a stellar relic of a bygone era with a wide range of finishes. We have an impressive stock of antique bathroom vanities in a likewise stunning selection of finishes. Apart from the always-elegant black and white, we have antique bathroom vanities in such finishes as the aforementioned oak and walnut, along with beautifully rich-toned antique cherry, chestnut, mahogany, and even espresso.
One is most likely to see antique bathroom vanities as massive, single-sink structures that occupy a formidable amount of floor space. If you have an eye for old-fashioned flare and still would like to make the most use of your space, relax: We can accommodate you with a sleek and lightweight antique bath vanity in any dimensions; best of all, we have them as both floor-standing and wall-mounted fixtures. Some excellent ideas for antique bathroom vanities countertops and sinks include marble (always up for an encore among decorators), granite, and stone. Buying your fixture from us will give you the additional leeway in custom-selecting the countertop and sink. Either buy your set fully assembled or pick and choose the countertop and sink(s). You are correct: We have single and double antique bathroom vanities. This is what we mean, when we say that class meets convenience. Old-school home glamor is always in style, as are low pieces for high-end decor. An antique bathroom vanity can be your gateway to eternal chic.