Vintage Bathrooms Vanities are the Vinyl Records of Home Decor

“Remodeling” is likely to be associated with the new and the modern or contemporary. When you remodel, you are generally giving the home a “face lift” of sorts; ergo the association is bound to be that with modern and brand-new styles. This concept is anything but a myth, in decorating and otherwise. Creating a new look can be done impeccably by bringing in a touch of chic from a bygone era. This is where vintage bathroom vanities come in.

42 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Vintage Vanilla Finish Carrara White Marble Top

42 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Vintage Vanilla Finish Carrara White Marble Top

Much like the vinyl records spin your favorite hits by Elvis or Armstrong, the vintage vanity “spins” the memories and positive emotions associated with a particular antique pattern. Maybe you seek a relic from Victorian England; maybe you are longing for the carefree yet sophisticated flare of French country; the vintage vanity helps bring it all into perspective, as well as into your modern bathroom.  It is plain to see that having a proclivity for antique furniture will help pave way for you to indulge the creative side.

The decision to install vintage bathroom vanities into any bathroom by no means indicates that you ought to sacrifice the convenience of modern plumbing. Also, the concept of “going green” is a burgeoning practice throughout the world and for anyone conscious of the environment can aver that a vintage vanity is the way to go, as far as resolving the issue of preserving a clean state of living on all levels.  A reputed bathroom designer can easily be on call to help you with constructing the perfect bathroom. Even if you may choose to install the fixture on your own, experts can guide you in crafting the ideal vanity by integrating salvaged sinks and restored countertops into the conveniently modern layout of your bathroom. This also indicates that the vintage vanity can be suited for a bathroom of any size and still offer up an abundance of counter-space and storage units.

If your desire is to turn a run-of-the-mill, strictly utilitarian bathroom into a personal retreat with character and oomph, then vintage bathroom vanities ought to do the trick. Adding further to the motif of class and comfort is the finesse of maximizing your layout by choosing a vintage vanity in a lighter hue. Antique white bathroom vanities, off-white, and eggshell are just a few of the points on the palette that instantaneously will create an overall look of a bathroom fit for royalty, all the while accessible to homeowners within any budget bracket.