White Vanities in Bathrooms of All Sizes

White furniture tends to be refreshing, no matter what setting it is in. White bathroom vanities have proven their potential, time and time again, in a diverse series of approaches to home décor. Tranquility seems to set in almost immediately, as a white vanity enters the picture in any bathroom. “What’s the catch?” you might ask.

48 inch White Finish Single Cottage Bathroom Vanity Optional Countertop

48 inch White Finish Single Cottage Bathroom Vanity Optional Countertop

Honestly, there is none; it is simply that white bathroom vanities often carry the association with charming and quaint country villas (on the French Riviera, for example), not to mention a plethora of other soothing retreats and resorts, where one can escape it all and recharge his/her physical and emotional batteries… All right, you win. There is a catch, but only that with a white bath vanity, you can bring the serenity and warmth into your home, without shelling out a whopping price for a vacation package.

More on the perks of a white bathroom vanity: Its seemingly subtle appearance is precisely the defining characteristic that makes it perfect for any type of decorating sense. If you are on the prowl for furniture that is amenable to traditional and modern tastes alike, then the white bathroom vanity is definitely up your alley.
Antique, traditional, modern or contemporary, Art Deco… You name it, a white bathroom vanity can fit the bill for any of these categories; the same goes for its ability to fit your bill for purchasing a fixture that will be easy on your budget and have a long shelf life (both in terms of sophistication and durability).
What you probably would prefer to focus on is the beauty and practicality of your furniture, rather than either the amount of effort it takes to maintain or the hassle of a high price tag. Feel free to toss conventions out the shopping window, because you can acquire that stunning piece of work, straight from the comfort of your own computer; besides, a white small bathroom vanity manufactured from high-quality material easily can cost you next to nothing. (The proof is in the discounts that you shall find—where else? —Online!) The inventory is definitely teeming with one-of-a-kind collections, each of which applies materials that are sensible, impervious to trends, as well as easy on the environment and on your budget.

No secret that high-grade natural wood is used for the foundation of white bathroom vanities; it is applied together with MDF and veneers for the purpose of solidifying the frame and making its texture unique. Beautiful white cultured marble, granite, and acrylic make excellent choices for countertops, as does fiberglass. Acrylic, ceramic, and Vitreous China sinks are also a hit. You will be able to see the appeal of white bathroom vanities in such selections as the Wyndham Bathroom Vanities Collection wall-mounted MDF/white veneer cabinet  (side cabinet optional) with a matching mirror, an acrylic sink with a pop-up drain opening; the Hudson Collection transitional white bathroom vanity, as a free-standing cabinet with multiple drawers, Carrara white marble top, and a white porcelain under-mounted sink; the Xylem  Acclaim 24 to 72 inches  White Bathroom Vanity Set  birch wood and veneer cabinet with a beige marble top, an under-mounted porcelain sink, and brushed nickel hardware; Foremost—the Berkshire Collection, freestanding double-sink white bathroom vanity with double doors and a set of drawers in-between, matching framed mirrors, solid wood/veneer cabinetry, under-mounted sinks; Fresca Coda contemporary bathroom vanity, floor-standing corner cabinet,  acrylic countertop and acrylic under-mounted sink, overflow single-stem faucet, optional medicine cabinet; Fresca Torino contemporary bathroom vanities, freestanding cabinet,  your choice of acrylic or marble countertop, ceramic sink (under-mounted or vessel). In a nutshell, the quality of white bath vanities really can speak for itself.